Khagaria is named after Farakia.As the land was unable to measure by the Finance Minister Todermal of the great King Akbar. It was separated from the kingdom of Akbar and was named Farakia (Farak-kiya). Khagaria is a part of Farakiya. To educate the women the intellectuals of Khagaria establish a women college for higher education because most of the people were unable to send their daughters outside to study. Today it is the only one constituent college dedicating quality education in Farakiya belt. The establishment of the college caused not only to educate girls but to develop awareness among the girls as well as the society of the Khagaria. With the vision to provide quality education, the college was established in 1973 by the team of professors of Koshi College business man and a renound politician Sri Kedar Narayan Singh Azad. It was declared a constituent unit of T.M.B.U. Bhagalpur in 1986 having eleven disciplines. All the faculty members are highly qualified devoted and punctual although. To meet the various challenges we are trying to organize the teaching learning process more and more student centric. There is well maintained library having 7300 books. College library is fully Automated and equiped with all modern facilities like Free Wi-Fi, Computer, Printer, Reading room etc..